Digital contact tracing saves paper and time

Due the Covis-19 pandemic your customers would have to print, hand over and fill out many forms. With 2FDZ – the pioneers of digital contact data acquisition – you can have this done easily and securely online.

Sounds complicated, but it’s easy.

  • You can concentrate on your customers.
  • You need less paper.
  • There is no need to pick up and shred files.
  • And all of this is also data protection compliant.

Our web application ensures smooth documentation in the background. 2FDZ works without installation and without additional hardware. As a web application, the data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored on our security server for this one purpose only.

Just print two pages. Finished.

You can print out the QR codes in two variants: either in A4 (for attaching to the entrance and exit door) or in A6 (e.g. for table stands).

During the test period, you will receive an email with a link to conclude the paid contract.

Use cases

Registration of freelancers and employees as well as visitors in office and conference rooms, at product locations and on construction sites. 2FDZ is used, for example, in television productions such as. Promi Big Brother and ISPS compliant port facilities.

Registration of guests in various sub-areas of sporting events and registration of the team during training.

Registration of guests in different parts of an event. Different codes can be created per area or seat block (additional costs).

Registration of guests in different parts of an event. Different codes can be created per area or seat block (additional costs).

Registration of guests at different tables (via the free field number or with a QR code per table (extra effort) and presentation of the menu and drinks menu online. For exampel: Ständige Vertretung in Berlin-Mitte and westberlin coffeebar&mediashop use 2FDZ.

Recording of contact details for publicly used rooms, for example for events

Registration of visitors at the entrance or for various publicly accessible areas. We are currently developing an extra application for this.

You can also find 2FDZ in youth centers & indoor playgrounds, as well as in cosmetic studios and in various hairdressing salons.




€ 9,24 zzgl. MwSt.

For one company.

Companies with several operating locations require a license per operating location. Discount for four (ore more) business locations


Lizenz + Logo

€ 14,24 zzgl. MwSt.

Your customers will only see your company logo online


Lizenz + Logo + Anpassung am Formular

Price like license + logo plus one-time € 85 nt. adaption to the form

The payment is handled by direct debit

inkl. Uupload up to two documents for linking, optionally usable for menu and / or drinks cards, hygiene instructions and information on data protection.

incl. issuing an order processing contract (according to Art. 28 Para. 3 GDPR)

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Did you know, that …

  • … you can also use 2FDZ with your own company logo (this will appear in the online forms)
  • … we also offer individualized solutions so that 2FDZ can also be used tailor-made for your company
  • … you can publish a menu or other document
  • …Regular guests only need to fill out the form once and then just scan it – without any further input.