About 2FDZ

“2FDZ – Fit for the Future” is a leanly programmed web application for organizations and companies.

Due to the corona, hairdressers, restaurants and places of worship are allowed to reopen – under strict conditions. In addition to the organization of a low-contact flow of visitors, registration of visitors and customers is mandatory . So that the organizers and companies save paper and files and the customers and visitors have a better feeling during their visit, Aktiv-Online has written a web application in the shortest possible time, which does away with the new documentation obligations. The strict European data protection regulations are adhered to (DGSVO-compliant). The data of visitors and customers are only recorded for the purpose of documentation within the scope of the infection protection regulations, according to. the legal regulations saved for three weeks and then deleted. We are thus following the requirements of the general rulings. The 2FDZ computers are located in Germany.

2FDZ is intended to help organizations and companies to better deal with the new, truly extensive corona restrictions. It offers help in difficult times and follows the trend towards the digitization of our society. We are helping as a small company, just as we at Aktiv-Online have been doing for 14 years.

About Aktiv-Online

Aktiv-Online, a marketing agency from Lüneburg, is behind 2FDZ. With 2FDZ we want to get actively involved in corona times. We want you to be able to concentrate on your main activity – with a simple, technical tool.

Aktiv-Online is a marketing agency from Lüneburg with three permanent and three freelance employees. Before Corona, we were a team specialized in online marketing for tour operators. As with many other companies, 98% of the business was lost with Corona. With our 2FDZ project, we have found a new way of continuing to support small and medium-sized companies and organizations. In the hope that we can get through the crisis together as possible, we act quickly and flexibly.