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Note for returning visitors:
Information given on the first visit about other people or table numbers, areas, etc. will not be adopted in the event of a repeat visit.

What happens to your data?
Usually nothing. We store the data in accordance with the statutory provisions and then delete them automatically.

Only in the event that one of our visitors was infected with Covid-19 and had been here at the same time and the health department asks us to provide your data, we will pass on your data to the health department and only because the legislator obliges us to do so.

If there was no time connection between your visit and the visit of an infected person, the data will remain in this application until it is deleted and will be deleted after the relevant period has expired.

If you want to make sure which data we have stored about you, you can receive information from us at any time.

In Germany, as a person concerned, according to DS-GVO the following rights:
• Right to information
• Right to correction
• Right to complain to the State Commissioner (s) for data protection

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